Debt Collection

Providing highly professional and result-oriented debt collection services!

Acento’s professional, ethical approach offers comprehensive services to recover all types of outstanding debts. We are experienced in dealing with thousands of bad-debt claims and focus on getting the most profitable outcome for you in each case.

Our area of operations for commercial debt collection and small business debt recovery begins from Mumbai and covers the whole of India. No job is too big or too small for us.

Recovery of different debt

We provide non-contentious solutions in recovering the following types of debts-

  • Business Debt Collection
  • Secured | Unsecured Debt
  • Medical Debt Collection
  • Credit Card Debt
  • Bad Cheque Collection
  • Consumer Debt
  • Commercial Debt
  • Field Collection Services

Early Stage Debt Collection

Our early stage collection services are designed to target and collect from customers in their earlier stages of default. Our top-class collection expertise provides a customer oriented, cost-effective outbound call approach that greatly reduces the probability of pending balances.

Late Stage Debt Collection

Businesses face this common problem as collectability drastically decreases with time and a more experienced collection effort is needed to prompt payment. Our late-stage collection service is built to definitively tackle these stubborn defaulters with a concentrated effort to urge immediate payment.

Skip Tracing & Asset Search

We offers customized Skip Trace Service to locate absconding end customer, who could be defaulting borrowers, debtors with unpaid debts or employees having indulged in embezzlement of funds.

Dispute Management

Unstructured communications and document management make dispute management resource-intensive, and costly. Automating the dispute management process with digital and analytics solutions makes it easy to track and resolve deductions and disputes faster. Such solutions plug receivables gaps, free-up cash and deliver agility and financial leadership. Our professionals are especially trained to gain the trust of your customers and solve any disputes in case of mismanaged particulars.